Dualbeam FIB system
- integrates both the ion beam and electron beam into one system

Electron column is used to image the sample. The ion beam can be used to raster over the surface similar to electron beam in a scanning electron microscope (SEM). The focused ions will mill away the sample through atomic collision process.

An important capability derived from the FIB systemís milling capacity, is the creation of thin lamella for TEM. As the position of the ion beam can be controlled precisely, the lamella can be located at specific position that is of interest to the user. More ever, the milling is an atomic collision process. The lamella preparation procedure is therefore material independent.

Another capability is the formation of nanostructures for nanodevices.

Besides the milling capabilities, by adding a gas delivery system, it can convert the ion beam system into a deposition system.

Process control and failure analysis capabilities offered by FIB provide the fastest possible route-cause data to solve site specific failure modes.

FIB cross-sectioning of a microchip FA Services Singapore

FIB cross-sectioning of a microchip

TEM lamella FA Services Singapore

TEM lamella

ZnO nanorod FA Services Singapore

ZnO nanorod

ZnO nanorod array FA Services Singapore

ZnO nanorod array

Transmission Electron Microscopy
- to image samples at atomic scale

- materials science
- nanotechnology
- semiconductor research. 

Metallic nanowire FA Services Singapore

Metallic nanowire

HRTEM of Metal film FA Services Singapore

HRTEM of metal film

Diffraction pattern of metal film FA Services Singapore

Diffraction pattern of metal film

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